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Product Details

Here are the Features apply on roller doors

  • Safety
    The door will automatically stop and reverse when obstructed
  • Speed
    The door moves 20cm per second
  • Guarantee
    10 years for the panels and 2 years for the motor
  • Silence
    Soundless Operation (safe nylon poly belt beating at the edges)

Ensure High-performance

Durable, strong & resistant

Finest quality materials

Best after-sales service

Product Summery


ECO Board is the New Technology used to replace any kind of Boards or Sheets which are existing currently and with many more innovative advantages for the end use of these boards. Not only can ECO Boards replace the use of various kinds of boards in the current market, but it can also replace most needs of natural wood requirements, saving the trees of the earth.

We offer pantry cupboard solutions with the use of Eco Board material which will provide a high end decorative nature. The features are as follows

  • Water resistance
  • Protection from insects, especially from the Termites
  • Very easy to maintain the pantry systems made out of ECO Boards
  • Hygienic and Easy to CLEAN
  • For special large projects you can call us for desired custom sizes
  • Really Smooth Surface, no need for polishing if you don’t require coloring
  • Can use any woodworking tool on ECO Boards
  • Anti Crack