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Product Details

Here are the Features apply on roller doors

  • Safety
    The door will automatically stop and reverse when obstructed
  • Speed
    The door moves 20cm per second
  • Guarantee
    10 years for the panels and 2 years for the motor
  • Silence
    Soundless Operation (safe nylon poly belt beating at the edges)

Ensure High-performance

Durable, strong & resistant

Finest quality materials

Best after-sales service

Product Summery


Mainly designed to keep away rain, roof tiles were traditionally made of terracotta. But innovation took it far, and tiles are made out of concrete, clay and even plastic materials. Not only that, roofs in this modern world are just more than mere protection from the sun, wind and rain to your home. They enrich and uplift the look of your home while giving you the feel of security.

The roof is an investment you make for you and your family. Selecting the right roof for your home is important. Likewise, renovating or replacing your existing roof can make a big difference too to your life. So it’s always wise to think before making this decision. There are things you must consider while making a choice.

What is the present style of your house? What material would you like? Will it suit your home and the surrounding? Along with this, additional support from experts would help you make the right selection.

We, at Elcardo, strive to meet the international standards of the customer. We work towards your satisfaction, ensuring the quality and the high standard of our products and services while giving you the best solution for your roofing needs.

With a range of selection in roofing tiles, you can surely find the suitable one for your home – be it modern, heritage or classic, variety of profiles, shapes, materials, styles and colours. You can be constructing a new roof, maintaining the previous one or repairing the old one; we offer different finishes, treatments and various other services to protect and gain a longer lifeline to your roofs. Instead of installing Asbestos roofing, which is widely known to be a dangerous health hazard, you can use 2n/Al roofing and we can offer 2n/Al roofing in many different patterns and styles to suit your preference.