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Product Details

Any Home Improvement is a complex combination of elements, the success of which depends on the quality of materials. Roof sheeting, Cladding sheeting and Gutters are manufactured out of Color bonded steel is available in a range of attractive colours. It is durable and strong as well as being thermally efficient.

Ensure High-performance

Durable, strong & resistant

Finest quality materials

Best after-sales service

Product Summery

Elcardo Color bonded sheeting’s ideal for use in Residential, industrial, commercial roofing applications


Material: 5 5 0/oAl u m i n i u m, 43.5o/o Zi nc, 1 .5o/o S i I I i co n
Alloy coated Hi-tensile steel
Coating: A2150 (1509/m,)
Tensile Strength: More than 550N/m, (Grade 550)
Top Surface Finish: 82o/o Matt, i 80/oGloss