Smart roller door controller
Smart roller door controller SMART U

Product Details

Here are the Features apply Elcardo Smart Solution

  • Remote Turn on/off
  • Timing Schedules
  • Voice Control
  • Device Sharing
  • History Record

Ensure High-performance

Durable, strong & resistant

Finest quality materials

Best after-sales service

Product Summery


Elcardo WiFi Smart Garage Door Controller Wireless Garage Door Opener WiFi APP Switch Remote Control Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, & Siri

  • Remote Turn on/off: Transform your existing Wi-Fi network and garage door opener into a simple and linked smart device. you can now open and close your garage door by a simple tap on your smartphone device
  • Timing Schedules: You can conveniently set up timers or schedules for your garage door to open or close, which is easily managed by your phone.
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google home & Siri, conveniently.
  • Device Sharing: As per your preference, you can share app controls with your family and friends, which can be revoked or shared back again at any given time.
  • History Record: to ensure the safety of your home or garage, you can simply check the door operating history on your phone.